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Somewhere in all of us, there remains an evolutionary precursor.

An area yet untamed.

It seeps out in strange ways in our everyday lives. It’s so subtle, some people miss it. The fit of laughter you can't control or the feeling of weightlessness biking home from the bar on summer night. It’s your hair in the morning after a night ruled by your dreams. It’s inexplicably wild.






// Volume 01

The Wrangells

Wrangell St. Elias National Park is one of the most remote areas in one of the most remote of the United States. It's closer to Canada and Russia than any other part of the US. At almost three time the size of Denali National Park, any sense of scale blurs.

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// Volume 002

The Bomber Traverse

KK laughed at me as I broke trail. We both sort of grinned at how hard we were working making our way through the fresh snow. She hung her head in faked exasperation and said “A foot in Alaska is 18 inches.” I laughed and I thought to myself that I had never heard anything truer. Up we went.

The Bomber Traverse is straightforward as adventures go, but Alaska delivered an unexpected April snowstorm making each foot 18 inches.

Vol 002: Launching June 2019

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// Volume 003

Arrigetch Firsts

“Jesus-fucking-Christ I hope my kids don't do dumb shit like this.” I thought to myself. 1000ft up with 40 blank feet separating us from salvation. The Arrigetch is an granite valley miles from nowhere. After the plane drops you on the river bank, the wild slaps you. Grizzled and unforgiving, Like Muir’s Yosemite. A team of four would be first ascensionists try their skills on these remote walls.

Vol 003: Launching July 2019

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